"Zenarchy is a way of Zen applied to social life. A non-combative,
non-participatory, no-politics approach to anarchy intended to get the serious
student thinking.

"In the words of Antero Alli, author of Angel Tech and other rebellious manifestoes:
'Zenarchist everywhere will be delighted... an arsenal of strange loops and fractal
surprises... don't leave OM without it!'

The only book written about Lee Harvey Oswald, the alleged killer of President
John F. Kennedy, before the assassination.  Actually, it was about Johnny
Shellburn, a fictional character based on Oswald and possibly Thornley.

Thornley was stationed with Oswald in Japan and said that both of them were
subjected to Project MKULTRA, or MK-ULTRA, drug-based mind control
experiments verified to have been conducted by the U. S. Government's CIA.  
There's evidence such experiments were held, but were they on Thornley and
Oswald?  Was that real or a product of Kerry's crazed imagination?

Whichever it was, the book was written before the madness revealed itself.....
In the 1950s in American and much of the west, a female deity was blasphemous.  
Especially a humorous one with a religion that was a joke, or a joke that was a

Malaclypse the Younger with Lord Omar Khayyam Ravenhurst and Robert Anton
Wilson, Robert Shea, Camden Benares and others created a work that began
going viral when the World Wide Web was still wearing nappies.

We know of three editions that keep the original print and graphics of the original
4th edition: Loompanics, Illuminet, and Steve Jackson Games.  (If there are others,
please let us know).  Each of these also contains some material different from the
other editions (the SJG edition contains additional Discordian writings at the end,
but maintains the complete look and layout of the original 4th edition PD).
Front cover of edition
by Illuminet Press.
After the assassination of President John F. Kennedy when the name Lee Harvey
Oswald became famous, Thornley decided to write his own book about the person
said to have been the assassin of John F. Kennedy.

The book was done in 1965, just a couple years after the 1962 shooting in Dallas,
Texas. Thornley writes his own view on Oswald, a view that would later change.
The Honest Book of Truth
The Idle Warriors
Principia Discordia
Does this book even exist or did it ever exist? You tell us. It's quoted extensively in
Principia Discordia and referred to in The Illuminatus! Trilogy.

If you know more,
let us know.
The Honest Book of
"One of the 1960s counterculture's most fascinating characters was Kerry Wendell
Thornley -- a writer, philosopher, Zen dishwasher, enlightened prankster, and,
possibly, an Oswald double with disturbing ties to the Kennedy assassination. A
lifelong provocateur, Thornley was linked to many of the fringe elements of the
time. He helped create the spoof religion called the Discordian Society and its
tract, the
Principia Discordia. He coined the term "paganism" to describe various
nature religions. And he befriended Robert Anton Wilson, inspired the Illuminatus,
and gave his anarchic support to the Bavarian Illuminati, a brilliant prank."

This book by Adam Gorightly examines Kerry Thornley in more depth than
probably anything not written by Thornley himself.  It also deals with Greg Hill aka
Malaclypse the Younger and many of the founders of Discordianism.
The Prankster and
the Conspiracy: The
Story of Kerry
Thornley and How He
Met Oswald and
Inspired the
Adam Gorightly with
a foreword by Robert
Anton Wilson
"More than 38 years after President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas,
Americans continue to be intrigued by the central mysteries of that murder. In
1967, New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison set out to answer those
unanswered questions. Along the way he managed to indict three men in
connection with that he perceived to be a New Orleans based conspiracy. With the
1969 acquittal of his prime suspect, Clay Shaw, Garrison's probe was universally
criticized and has since been largely ignored. Few have examined Garrison's
lesser-known evidence, such as his perjury case against Kerry Thornley, a Marine
Corps associate of accused assassin Lee Harvey Oswald. Veteran researcher Joe
G. Biles provides us with, for the first time, a book-length look at the life and lies of
Kerry W. Thornley."   (Amazon.com)

This book is by Joe G. Biles with a foreword by Robert Buras.
In History's Shadow:
Lee Harvey Oswald,
Kerry Thornley & The
by Joe.
G. Biles with foreword
by Robert Buras
The Prankster and the Conspiracy
In History's Shadow
Zenarchy Unapologia
by Kerry Thornley
about Kerry Thornley
"Kerry Thornley believed, or claimed to believe, that he was the subject of a
government mind control operation from childhood throughout his entire life. He
was also known for incomprehensible ravings and seemingly paranoid delusions.
Nobody can know for sure what was real and what never happened, but that's why
his example is so instructive. Thornley might have been a Manchurian candidate.
He might have been brainwashed to spew propaganda. He might have been
completely and innocently unaware of it all. This current era of fear dominated,
partisan politics could begin and end with Kerry Thornley. This recent political
episode started with universal initiation, a regicidal ritual, but a new beginning, or
the beginning of the end, could come from individual salvation through the mindful
practice of Zen."  (Amazon.com)

This book is by Aine McHoul.
Zenarchy Unapologia
is by Aine McHoul.
See below.
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other Discordian/Thornley books
While portions of this book, which includes interviews Sondra London made with
Kerry Thornley, have been seen online, the book itself may not yet exist.

If you know more,
let us know.
The Honest Book of
Confession to
Conspiracy to
Assassinate JFK
Harvey and Lee: How the CIA Framed Oswald by John Armstrong
This books deals with the "two Oswalds" theory

On the Trail of the Assassins by Jim Garrison
The DA talks about the connection between Thornley and Oswald

Invented Religions (Ashgate New Religions) by Carole M. Cusack
Discordianism, the Church of All Worlds, the Church of the Sub-Genius, and Jediism

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Kerry Thornley was a writer.  He wrote magazine articles, essays, books,
letters to friends, letters to people who would be his enemies.  Sometimes he
wrote for money, sometimes for free, sometimes to make a point, and sometimes
for fun.  But he wrote.

We have some--or links to where you can get some--of his most important writings.
 We will be adding more as we go, Eris willing.

NOTE: Some of the  books that we did not specifically recommend are books we
haven't yet read.  Some of them we might find excellent--or not.
book reviews
Apocrypha Discordia
Book of Eris
Discordian Coloring Book
Ek-sen-trik-kuh Discordia
The Idle Warriors
The Prankster and the
Principia Discordia
The Illuminatus! Trilogy
Schrödinger's Cat Trilogy
Voices of Chaos
Zen Without Zen Masters